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If you look at their payroll, even if Dwight (Howard) comes back, you’ve got to ask the question: Should they amnesty Kobe?” — Mark Cuban 

Kobe Bryant responds to Mark Cuban’s comment made earlier this week that the Lakers should consider using the amnesty on Kobe. Kobe went 13-21 today, scoring 28 points, grabbing 12 rebounds, and dishing 7 assists. In his past two games he is 28-44, with 78 points, 19 boards, and 12 assists.

17 years in the league and still going at it. What do you have to say about that Mark Cuban?



At the end of a hotly contested game against the Brooklyn Nets, Kobe Bryant did this, followed by Earl Clark icing the game for the Lakers.

Of course, the shot never goes in without an exquisite pass from Steve Nash, hitting Clark in perfect rhythm.

Kobe Bryant knows this, and celebrates with Steve in his inimitable way.


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